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Military bases in Afghanistan

Journalists are fortunate to travel between bases. It’s fun to see the differences between an operating post (OP), a forward operating base (FOB) and a one of the bigger bases like Kandahar in the south or Bagram in the north.

Depending on the Nato country and the mission, troops are stationed in various areas in Afghanistan.
The British, Danish and Canadian are in the south, Sweden and Norway in the North and American troops are being deployed all over Afghanistan.

The ISAF Headquarters is in Kabul and regional command centers throughout Afghanistan.

Most of the bases in Afghanistan are different. Some are small and very basic. Especially the British and American troops has had their fair share of very simple camps at dangerous locations.

In some camps there are roads, shops and huge modern gyms. Others have very little and the soldiers have to build their bases by themselves. I’ve found that the smaller and simpler the base, the better the relations and closeness of the soldiers.

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