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Who’s behind Inthesandbox

My name is Camilla Fuhr. I’m a freelance journalist, photographer and videojournalist  and  I cover defence and conflict related areas for a variety of clients around the world.

My clients are mostly magazines as they have a deadline that suits me better when I’m working in the mountains of Nepal or in remote areas of Afghanistan.

I majored in business school a few years back – found a top job in London, England, got headhunted to another top job in Switzerland…and went back to university to become a journalist.  My heart belong to story telling I guess.

I learned  how to produce video, photos, radio and write to different platforms.

So here I am.

My main focus is telling the (narrative) stories about what people do, how they do it and why. I’m not a political journalist. I’m interested in the human stories because humans interests me more than politics.

I’m also not interested in sensational stories because a story is never one or two dimentional. I believe in solid reporting – about what I feel, see and hear, experience – not what I think or someone else told me. I try not to arrive in a conflict zone with a predetermined storyline.

I speak a lot of languages – and I write in some of them and read in others. I also need more jobs to keep the motor running – so let me know if you have an idea or a job for me.

Enjoy the site

Camilla Fuhr
Fuhr Journalism